I think back to the mid-90’s when I was the banquet chef at one of the top restaurants in the country. The constant dance between the a la carte and banquet style service taught me the importance of simply being able to work in a real high-end kitchen. Nothing at home can replicate the sounds, smells, and the experience of working under constant pressure day-in and day-out for weeks at a time. To some, this may sound like a form of torture or, at the least, some sort of unethical corporate work practice; however, to a chef, this a way of life! You must have a true passion for culinary artistry pumping through your veins to understand the level of insanity that we as chefs grow to love so much! There’s something about preparing your mise en place for your station and cranking out works of art on hot clean plates for eight straight hours that is almost spiritual in nature.. It is difficult for most people to understand exactly how the long hours and (in most instances) marginal pay is hardly worth it. But to a true chef at heart, it is a no brainer.

Here are the top 8 ways to know if you should become a chef:

  1. Passion. A passion for all things food and the art of cooking

  2. Adaptability. Must have a natural ability to adapt to different situations

  3. Teachability. Must be able embrace constructive criticism

  4. Team Oriented. Willingness and desire to help others through culinary arts

  5. Determination. Poses a natural drive to develop and improve technical skills

  6. Meticulous. Must be well organized and detailed oriented

  7. Perservance. Endurance in the kitchen and work well under pressure

  8. Creativity. Creative but practical… having a strong respect for the craft is a must

You can’t put a price on doing what you love…and having people actually love what you do!